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Person-to-person relationships are how we link with the Rome community. That is why hands-on volunteerism is an important part of our association. The various types of organizations where our members volunteer represent just some of their many interests. Below are a selection of them.

  • COMUNITA' SANT'EGIDIO - This international organization founded in Rome in 1968 serves the poor, immigrant and pilgrim populations while also acting in the world as a major force for peace.
  • GIRLS' TOWN - Founded some 50 years ago by an American priest, Msgr. Carroll Abbing, Citta' delle Ragazze, as it is called in Italian, houses teenage girls from troubled families, refugees and orphans. Volunteers provide English tutoring and mentoring.
    Boys and Girls Town of Italy has a new video to mark its new site and the changes that are happening at Boys' & Girls Town -
  • KOMEN ITALIA - Established in memory of Susan Komen and affiliated with the Komen Foundation of Dallas, the Italian association organizes the annual Race for the Cure in Rome in which the AWAR HEARTS Team participates.
  • CASA BETANIA - Casa Betania is a Family House established in 1993 under the auspices of the Dolfini family. It is now part of L'Accoglienza, a nonprofit cooperative. It is supported by the enthusiasm of a large group of volunteers and social workers.
  • THE SANTA SUSANNA LENDING LIBRARY - An English-language library for residents in Rome on the premises of the Santa Susanna Catholic Church attended by many Americans.
  • OASIS SAN GIUSEPPE AND SANTA TERESA - Fifty boys and girls, aged 3 to 18, who are orphans, destitute or taken by the courts from dysfunctional families, live at this institute located in the highest of the hilltowns near Rome.
  • THE TORRE ARGENTINA CAT SANCTUARY - Located in an ancient Roman square in the historic center, this volunteer-run sanctuary provides nutritional and medical aid to Rome's feline population, readying them for adoption. The Academy-award winning Italian actress Anna Magnani was often seen feeding them.
  • ALZHEIMER UNITI ROMA ONLUS - This association helps those afflicted by Alzheimer disease. AWAR contributed to the creation of a garden area for Alzheimer patients at an important Rome hospital and members utilized their bilingual skills to translate a comprehensive Training Program for professional staff developed in the U.S. and now used throughout Italy.
  • OASIS CELESTINA DONATI - This institute protects fifty children, ages 2 to 16, who are orphans, destitute or taken by the courts from dysfunctional families. AWAR has worked with these children for many years.
  • CARITAS - One of most important charitable organizations in Italy, Caritas endeavors to help immigrants and the homeless community
  • CASA DI KIM - This center provides temporary housing and support for families of terminally or chronically ill children who come to Rome from developing countries for critical medical care donated by doctors and hospitals here.
  • VILLAGGIO DON BOSCO - Located in the town of Tivoli near Rome, this oasis was established in 1950 by a military chaplain in the Italian Liberation Corps during World War II. It houses boys aged 12 to 25 and is dedicated to providing these boys, from developing and war-torn countires, a chance for education.The boys live at the home and study and work in the nearby community.
  • ASSOCIAZIONE CANILI LAZIO - The organization's purpose is to become the most advanced recovery center for dogs in urgent need of help due to abandonment or abuse.