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AWAR Hosts the 2015 FAWCO Biennial Conference in Rome

The American Women's Association of Rome will host and chair the FAWCO Biennial conference, welcoming some 100 international delegates and their guests, representing FAWCO's 64 clubs in 32 countries with a total membership of over 12,000.

The focus of this year's conference will be on Human Rights for Women and Girls. There will be high level keynote speakers like Michele Bond, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, US State Department, Linda Douglass, AWAR's Honorary President and wife of the US Ambassador to Italy, Cindy McCain, philanthropist and wife of Senator John McCain, top level representatives from UN Women, UNHCR and other prestigious guests who will talk on this issue, as well as a panel with experts working on different aspects, from victim to advocates, from diplomacy to legislation. Updates will be given on efforts throughout the FAWCO network to raise awareness and fundraise for Human Rights for Women.

Conference sponsors include::

In-kind donors include::

Aleynne Caponara (artist, AWAR member and Former FAWCO Representative)

Daisy Corsini (artist, AWAR member)

Marina Gozzi Studio

Elizabeth Goletti (writer, AWAR member)

Organizations represented include:

Roma Capitale, US State Department, UN Women, UNHCR, McCain Institute, Differenza Donna, Free the Girls, American Institute for Roman Culture, Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Professional Women's Association of Rome, Accademia di Costume e Moda, Annamode, Fondazione Micol Fontana, Loyola University.

Proceeds of the conference will benefit:

Differenza Donna
Free the Girls

The FAWCO conference offers practical training sessions in organizational development and leadership, which the delegates may use to strengthen their own clubs. The Conference also facilitates exchange and collaboration amongst FAWCO membership worldwide.

To compliment the program, AWAR has organized the following Guest Speakers:

March 26th Keynote Speaker Linda Douglass, wife of US Ambassador to Italy and AWAR's Honorary President will speak on Gender-based Violence

March 26th Darius Araya, Executive Director of the American Institute for Roman Culture will conduct a workshop on Ancient Rome

March 27th UN Keynote Speaker Moez Doraid, Director at UN Women will present a Global Overview on the Current Status of Human Rights of Women and Girls

March 27th NGO Keynote Speaker Cindy McCain, philanthropist and wife of US Senator John McCain will present on Combating Human Trafficking

March 27th Panel discussion on Human Rights for Women and Girls moderated by Marilu Lucrezio, Foreign Correspondent for TG1, with panelists Elisa Ercoli, President of Differenza Donna; Francesca Paltenghi, Representative at UNHCR - Protection and Legal Section; Dipartimento di Pari Opportunità and Donne in Rete contro la violenza, DiRe(TBC).

March 27th Alexander Evers, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Loyola University will conduct a 90 minute workshop entitled "Goddesses, Virgins, Wives, Citizens: Women and the Rise of Roma Aeterna.”

March 27th Carol Bourg, President of Professional Women's Association Rome and Christine Sterpetti, Owner Italian Trends, will together lead a workshop on Process Communications.

March 28th Eternal Fashion: An Italian Perspective, 90 minute workshop Moderated by Alessandra Carta, in association with Accademia di Costume e Moda, Bulgari, Annamode, and Fondazione Micol Fontana (TBC). This session will be open to students.