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Fact Forum

Fact Forum is a monthly activity with a kaleidoscopical quality -- a variegated selection of events that range from museum visits or archaeological site tours to panel discussions on health or legal issues, but has also been known to take the form of a piano-bar outing. It reflects the wide range of interests of our members and our curiosity about the city, country and world in which we live.

ABC's of Drawing

The ABC's of Drawing is based on the famous Edward's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain method for those who don't know how to draw and think they could never learn. Taught by an established AWAR artist, it meets weekly for 10 weeks.

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Advanced Cooking

We will explore, in depth, recipes and cooking techniques using a test kitchen format. Join us if you have a solid culinary knowledge and want to take your skills to a higher level. Once per month.

AWAR Entrepreneurs

AWAR Entrepreneurs is a monthly meeting for experienced, new, and aspiring business owners. With the aim of creating a network of support for each other, women can share experiences and offer advice relating to running a business in and/or from Rome. Each month a new talking point or speaker will be introduced.


Burraco is a very popular card game, rather like Canasta, played all over Italy by all ages, for pleasure or competitively in tournaments, and there are many website for playing online. Games are reguarly organized as fund raisers for charity. AWAR's group plays purely for enjoyment, at a charming boutique hotel, twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

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Creative Writing Group

A group of members who enjoy writing -- all genres welcome, poetry, novels, short stories etc .-- meet to discuss each other's works in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. New members are very welcome. Usually meets once a month on a Wednesay from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the home of the activity's coordinator.

Ex Libris

The Ex Libris Book Club meets on the second Monday of the month at 4 pm in downtown Rome. The reading list is chosen by the group and includes prize-winning titles, books that have received good reviews or that are pertinent to the moment, plus the occasional classic. Each month there is a short informational presentation about the book and the author before general discussion. Books selected for reading this year include Little Red Chairs, the latest acclaimed novel by Edna O'Brian, My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk and Let the Great World Spin: a Novel, by Colum McCann.

Girl Scouts of the USA

The premier leadership experience for girls, Girl Scouts, is available in Rome to girls from kindergarten through high school. Troops are established at a number of international schools. The Rome Girl Scout calendar offers activities that capture the indomitable spirit of today's girls and provides the chance tomake new friendships that will last a lifetime. Opportunities for adult volunteers.

Great Writers Series

Brush up on your Shakespeare? Catch up on Keats? AWAR is privileged to have a lecturer, Professor Rory Stuart, actor, director and scholar whose lectures on the world's greatest writers are riveting performances.


Two to three hour walks and hikes, mostly in country settings. Our aim is to finish up near a trattoria to enjoy a delicious meal! Anyone with reasonable stamina will be comfortable participating. The goal is exercise, fresh air, gorgeous views, good company and good food.
Once per month.

Italian Conversation Breakfast

The Italian Conversation Breakfast group helps you exercise your Italian in person in the best coffee shops in Rome, once a month on Tuesday. Participants enjoy the setting and the chance to see friends whilst practising Italian and picking up insights into the language and the culture. Mistakes and mispronunciation will be corrected. As an Awar activity attendees only pay for their chosen breakfast.

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Italian Glamour

The aim of this activity group is to provide special opportunities for AWAR members to learn, experience and enjoy the history, style, beauty and secrets of Italian Glamour. The group will visit Italian ateliers and meet with designers and fashion communication experts.

Opera Appreciation

Opera Appreciation

Led by a Juilliard maestro, opera enthusiasts preview the operas being performed at the Rome Opera House by viewing a DVD and discussing it, and also learn about the Rome production.


Join us if you love photography and want to expand your creative and technical knowledge. We will go on adventures photographing the urban environment and landscape in and around Rome. Specific themes, like food photography will also be explored. Once per month. Note: Even if you use an iPhone or other smart phone for your photography that's fine too!

Quilting and Crafts

A monthly get together, usually at a member's home, to explore the arts of quilting, knitting and beading -- sometimes there is a crossover between these handcraft arts. All levels welcome as members share their know how with other members. Attendees will be alerted to a variety of craft outlets, hobby shows, vendors and Italian-organized events relative to creative arts in Rome.


A fun Scrabble get together, meets once a month to play, socialize and enjoy a potluck meal. Significant others welcome, space limited to 12 participants.

Wine Appreciation

Led by an accredited sommelier, the evenings begin with a short power-point presentation on a wine topic followed by a wine tasting, usually 4 wines related to the selected topic. An opportunity to learn about and taste wines of excellent quality in an enjoyable social setting among friends.