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  • 1955 - AWAR was founded on April 21st. It proudly shared this day with the anniversary of the founding of Rome some 2708 years earlier.
  • 1959 - A collaboration was initiated with the Fulbright Commission to provide incremental economic assistance to Italian Fulbright students for study in the United States.
  • 1963 - The first AWAR office was established at the Grand Hotel Flora on Via Veneto, now a Marriott hotel
  • 1963 - AWAR made its first contribution to the Assistance Fund for Americans in Distress managed by the U.S. Consulate in Rome. It continues to contribute annually to this fund.
  • 1964 - AWAR's Peace Through Knowledge Award program for graduating high school students was introduced at schools in Rome
  • 1969 - AWAR members' culinary favorites were compiled in the exclusive "A Cook's Tour" recipe book.
  • 1973 - "Instant Roman Living," a guide for newcomers, was written by and for AWAR members.
  • 1978 - Residence requirements for children of U.S. citizens born abroad were removed from US legislation. Legal action against these requirements was first taken by an AWAR member on behalf of her two sons.
  • 1979 - Mrs. Richard Gardner, wife of the US Ambassador to Italy and Honorary President of AWAR initiated a September Garden Party tradition at Villa Taverna, the ambassadorial residence.
  • 1982 -Before the days if the internet, Destination Rome and Rome for Children,written by AWAR members, provided essential information about living in Rome.
  • 1985 - An AWAR project provided English-language descriptions on plaques for 80 statues in the new wing of the Vatican Museum. A plaque recognizing AWAR's contribution appears at the entrance to the sculpture gallery.
  • 1985 - As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, AWAR members were received at the Quirinale Palace by the President of the Republic of Italy, Sandro Pertini.
  • 1988 - AWAR and the National Council of Italian Women co-sponsored an art exhibition at the Belgium Academy to commemorate the centennial of the founding of the International Council of Women.
  • 1989 - In recognition of AWAR's contribution to the community, the Italian Cultural Ministry awarded a grant to organize a bicultural symposium on "Women and Society: Potential, Opportunity, and Realization.
  • 1995 - President of Italy Oscar Luigi Scalfaro addressed AWAR members at a reception at the Quirinale Palace to celebrate AWAR's 40th anniversary.
  • 1998 - An AWAR member was selected by FAWCO to receive its prestigious Volunteer Leadership Award
  • 1999 - A Winter Arts & Crafts Fair was held at John Cabot University.
  • 1999 - AWAR's quilting group were guests on the RAIUnoMattina television show.
  • 2000 - FAWCO's Volunteer Leadership Award was again awarded to an AWAR member.
  • 2000 - The Day Hospital in the Sant'Eugenio Hospital in Rome created a small garden for the use of elderly patients stricken with the Alzheimer's Disease. A plaque in the garden recognizes AWAR's contribution.
  • 2002 - "Through the Eyes of Women," an art show featuring AWAR artists was held at the American Academy. Suzanne Nicholson, wife of the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See was the Honorary Chair.
  • 2002 - A Roman Holiday Charity Gala was held at the St. Regis Grand Hotel.
  • 2003 - Palazzo Barberini was the setting for the Moonlight and Roses Charity Gala
  • 2005 - A Friendship Quilt, Cats in the Coliseum, created by AWAR's quilting group was shown in Italy's Parliament building as part of an exhibition with Quilt Italia, an Italian national quilting association.
  • 2007 - Members fluent in Italian translated for the Italian National Alzheimer Association the volumes of a Training Program for Caregivers published by the University of Minnesota.
  • 2008 - AWAR organized a concert at the Oratorio del Gonfalone featuring Yale University's The Duke's Men. Elaine Vasquez, wife of the U.S. Ambassador to FAO, was the Honorary Chair.
  • 2009 - "Mingling on the Rooftop" of the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel, members of the international community participated in AWAR's annual charity event featuring exclusive silent auction items.
  • 2010 - U.S. Ambassador to Italy David Thorne and his wife Rose, AWAR's Honorary President, welcomed members and guests to their residence, Villa Taverna, for the association's annual charity event.
  • 2010 - H.E. Emma Bonino, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke at our Thanksgiving luncheon.
  • 2012 - The French Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Alain Le Roy, hosted our charity Christmas cocktail in the Caraacci Gallery and elegant salons of Palazzo Farnese.
  • 2013 - The former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson McAleese, spoke at a luncheon held at Rome's exclusive Chess Club.
  • 2013 - Catherine Miller, author of the prize-winning biography of Nadis Sadik entitled Champion of Choice, addressed members at a coffee morning at the Hassler Hotel.
  • 2013 - A gala charity dinner at the Italian Armed Forces Officer's Club, with an address by Hon. Steffan De Mistura, closed another year filled with successful events